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Full Council 2017

The Full Council meets monthly at Aldingbourne Community Centre.


Agendas and Minutes 2017
Date Agenda Minutes
7th February 2017 Agenda 7th February 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 8MB Minutes 7th February 2017 [pdf] 78KB
7th March 2017 Agenda 7th March 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 155KB Minutes 7th March 2017 [pdf] 72KB
4th April 2017 Agenda 4th April 2017 [pdf] 83KB Minutes 4th April 2017 [pdf] 76KB
2nd May 2017 Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Assembly
Agenda Annual Meeting 2nd May 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 311KB
Minutes 2nd May 2017 [pdf] 103KB
6th June 2017 Agenda 6th June 2017 [pdf] 245KB Minutes 6th June 2017 [pdf] 91KB
4th July 2017 Agenda 4th July 0217 [pdf] 86KB Minutes 4th July 2017 [pdf] 72KB
5th September 2017 Agenda 5th September 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 209KB Minutes 5th September 2017 [pdf] 53KB
3rd October 2017 Agenda 3rd October 2017 [pdf] 100KB Minutes 3rd October 2017 [pdf] 42KB
7th November 2017

Agenda 7th November 2017 [pdf] 92KB

JWAAC Highways and Transport Sub Group [pdf] 41KB


Minutes 7th November 2017 [pdf] 49KB
5th December 2017

Agenda 5th December 2017 [pdf] 92KB

ADALC Meeting Report November 2017. [pdf] 28KB

Trial Balance for Current Year to 30 October 2017 [pdf] 20KB

BEW Group proposals for December 17 meeting [pdf] 29KB

Aldingbourne Parish Council Business Plan and Budget proposals 2018 [pdf] 31KB

Annual Conf Collated notes [pdf] 3MB

Minutes 5th December 2017 [pdf] 53KB